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October 4, 2010

We have a NEW BLOG!!  We needed some different features that WordPress didn’t offer without paying and right now, all the money Sole Hope gets goes to the valuable children we are putting shoes on!  No extra money to fancy up a blog!  So, with that said, check out our new (free) blog!  Hopefully it will serve you well!

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(this blog will stay here so you can come back to it, but no new posts will be made here.  You will have to go to our NEW blog to see our latest updates!)


Sole Hope Threads

October 3, 2010

This video says it all.

If you would like to buy a Sole Hope shirt go to:

Auction Ends TONIGHT

October 2, 2010

In case you had not heard, the Sole Hope auction ends tonight at 7pm EST.  There are some awesome things that have been donated by local and national companies/stores and we would love for you to walk away with some of it AND benefit Sole Hope!

Go to:

New Video

September 27, 2010

Thank you Jason Garris for creating this video for us!  Soak it in.  This is reality for SO many.  It is easy to move on, brush it off as “their problem”…JUST $25 makes a HUGE difference!

I’m having blog trouble today and can’t manage to get the video embedded, so chick here:

You can donate on right side of this blog.

Auction For Sole Hope

September 24, 2010

So you live out-of-town or missed our Sole Hope silent auction in August?  No worries, we now have 16 items online you can check out and BID ON!

Go to:

If it asks for an Auction ID enter : “sole2010”, Auction Password: “sole2010”

Happy bidding, happy feet!!!

My Journal Entry

September 23, 2010

Written September 18, 2010

“Today has been hard.  Physically hard.  Emotionally hard.  Just plain HARD.  My last strength is drawn from grasping at the only air I have-God’s word and promises.  My life is so different this year compared to last.  Last year at this time I was running a photography business, living comfortably with two biological children and two foster children.  My motives were self-centered.  Fast forward almost exactly one year-I felt called to be at home with my children full-time.  I put my business on hold and my only focus was my children and home.  I was content and living comfortably.  I didn’t mind cutting costs and pinching pennies to stay at home with my children.  Then, long story short, Sole Hope was born.  It was very clearly a vision, burden and soft spot put in my heart by God.  Today is one of those days when I wonder what the heck am I doing?!?  The world gets in the way and people taint my attitude.  I cannot let this happen so I pause and redirect my thoughts.  It is days like this when I have to read my own blog to redirect my eyes towards the goal.

Today I’ve thought a lot about service towards others…being humble and not boasting about it.  Serving those who have even a small need, even when it does not feel good, even when there is no benefit for you.  I pray I would become better at this everyday, and that when no one else shares the conviction to serve that it wouldn’t matter to me.  That I would not be bothered but would continue remembering that I have ONE audience, ONE person to please and it does NOT matter what anyone else thinks.  It is easy to serve others when you can see a positive outcome, when you get glory, and when you just feel plain good about doing a good deed.  But what about all of the other times?  Can you serve when no one is watching, when it’s not fun, when you are tired and weary?  I’m not only telling you, but myself also-reminding us to check our motives and attitude.  Service towards others can be the most beautiful picture of love.  In fact, if I could paint (rather, if I had skills) I would paint a picture of love and it would be a picture of service and self-sacrifice.

Try to be more loving today…find someone to serve.”

Lots Of News

September 22, 2010

Wow!  It has been forever since I posted last, it feels like it!  We have had SO much going on.

*The pattern for our shoe is finally finished, AND we have a tutorial to bring with us to Ndola, Zambia to leave with the ladies!  (Beth Gaffney, our shoe designer ROCKS!)

*We are starting to work on our first shoe order, for a wedding party

*We may have figured out our tire madness.  Just when we THINK we have the right tire to use-we realize it won’t work for various reasons…but we think we are on to something else that might work!

*We had a massive yard sale that took two days to set up and tear down.  Seeing as only half of the Sole Hope stuff even got set out (I won’t say why). We did pretty good in raising some money for Sole Hope…the we also had a yard sale going on for my family’s adoption and to help two of our other team members get to Africa to go with our Sole Hope team.

*We are in the middle of picking up two industrial sewing machines from a woman with a HUGE heart!  They need a little fixing but our Mark (yes, we’ve claimed him;) may be able to fix them.  We are currently working on how to get one to our ladies in Zambia-the other will be left here to make shoes here in the US.

*I got to see the first five pages of our Sole Hope educational book and the illustrations are AWESOME!  By the end of October we should have completed illustrations and we will work on adding the words and the printing process.

*We are working on putting together Project Soul to Sole…stay tuned!  🙂